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First Choice OMD - Dr. Joseph Hebl


We provide the best quality occupational medicine and disability care, at a very reasonable price, in a comfortable, compassionate and confidential setting, for all injured workers, disabled individuals, and employers, who choose our service.

FIRST CHOICE OMD ~ Dr. Joseph Hebl

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Patient Information

Occupational medicine is a specialty that promotes a healthy and safe work environment. First Choice Occupational Medicine and Disability focuses on:

∞ Evaluating and treating work-related injuries, illness, and disability
∞ Offering thorough health care for employees
∞ Providing return-to-work restrictions, functional capacity, and disability evaluations
∞ Promoting the overall well-being of a company‚Äôs workforce

Hours of Operation

M: 8am-5pm
T: 8am-5pm
W: 8am-1pm
Th: 8am-5pm
F: 8am-1pm
Schedule subject to change (*Wednesday and Fridays are typically half days)